Dec. 17th, 2008


Dec. 17th, 2008 05:37 pm
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"Well, it officially passed the snowball test. This snow is playable," I commented to a co-worker on a break today. This fact has made this particular snow slightly less offensive to me. Perhaps it is my childhood in Anchorage that made me such a fine judge of snow... I remember brilliantly the excitement felt at eighteen inches of fresh new snow on a winter morning, school cancelled, only to run outside as quickly as mom could bundle me up only to find that it was too cold, the flakes too small and dry, and any attempt to mash a snowball left us with handfuls of powdery ice. Eventually there came a point where we could tell what kind of snow it would be just by watching it fall... observing flake size, clumping, and relative buoyancy. I would tsk at neighbors with small yards ("can't make much of a snowman there."), and covetously stare at those lucky enough to have corner lots.

I no longer have the snowpants and gloves that are needed for playing in the snow, and that makes me a little sad tonight. I remember as a child seeing others make snowmen, and I made carefully sculpted snow-huskies with curling tails and pricked ears, and snow-deer lying in the yard, legs folded under them, with delicate muzzles and birch-twig antlers.

It is gorgeous in the alley tonight. All of the trees outlined with thick pads of snow, all the noise of the freeway muffled by it. Despite the moment of nausea I experienced on Lincoln when my wheels started to spin, this snow is okay in my book.

As long as we don't get any more!


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