Jan. 16th, 2009


Jan. 16th, 2009 12:17 am
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Went shopping last night, and it was less traumatic than usual.

I got sized for bras, which was frustrating. The lady measured my underbust and my bust, and then said, "this doesn't look right," and I asked, "why, whatcha got?" and she said, "38DDD or 38F." I sighed and said, "no, that's probably right.

Of course, they don't stock any bras my size in department stores, so I had to order them and they should be here sometime next week. I got four of them. I can't wait... I always buy bras too small because I can't be bothered to order them and usually by the time I bother shopping for bras at all there's been a disaster like a snapped underwire or some bizarre mammary accident.

I also got five new pair of panties (long overdue) and a skirt and a blouse. All for just under $200.00, which I think is pretty good for new clothes. The skirt is a size 14, but it doesn't really count because it's a Lane Bryant 14 and their sizes are pretty generous compared to other brands. The bummer is, somewhere in the next 10-20 pounds of weight loss I won't be able to shop there anymore, and damnit, I like their clothes and their staff is always excellent.

I'm actually more self-conscious now about my body than I was before I started losing weight, and the reason for this is simple: I'm melting. When you lose weight, you don't just shrink, you deflate. Eventually all your remaining fat kind of sloshes around in an outsized skin bag. So naked, I look kind of like a pile of semi-inflated inner tubes. There is hope; I've noticed that as my fat sloshes around there have been glimpses of the thighs and arms of my dreams... not long and lovely, sadly... no hope of changing my height or structure... but strong, hard and compact... muscled instead of flabby or twiggy. But we'll see.

As a side note, my body is doing all of this on it's own. I am not a part of the decision making process. I just exercise. I take no responsibility.


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