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I rolled out of bed this morning, got dressed, and Mike and I went to the old house and packed up all my left-behind household goods for Goodwill. Dropped them off, and went to the Black Drop.

We met Amber and Andrew (or as I like to call them in my head, "Triple A") and seated ourselves for some coffee. We ran into Jonathan, and we trundled to the Farmer's Market to take in Barbara in all her pigtailed glory at the pretzel stand. Amber and Jonathan got crepes from the crepe stand, Andrew had a hotdog, and Mike got a bag of salmon jerky and a pretzel.

From there, we wandered up to Old World Deli.

Now, I'm going to take a minute here to tell you how much I love, LOVE, Old World Deli. For those of you not in the know, the Old World Deli opened pretty recently next door to Camden Chameleon on State Street. We walked in, and the shop was clean, orderly, and open, but with worn wood, old posters and charm to spare everywhere. The menu board was easy to read, and the case stuffed with cured meats and delicious cheeses. I got a panini with an all-pork salami cured in red wine, imported fontina cheese, and spinach; Mike got one with cotto di parma, fresh mozzarella di buffala, and hot mustard. The sandwiches came cut in half with a modest pile of potato chips, a pickle spear, and a banana pepper. We traded one half of each of our sandwiches for half of the other, and both were delicious. I would be hard pressed to recall a better sandwich. Simply but expertly made, harmonious and complex.

Really, if you haven't been, you should go. The half-panini is in the $5.00 price range and really is enough for a meal. We had cookies as well, and the staff brought us out a couple of samples... a mahon cheese and some type of cured meat, the name of which I did not catch. Both were delicious, and I will definately go back. Probably many times.

After that, Amber and Andrew took us to Quel Fromage, a cheese shop in Fairhaven, where we sampled a few cheeses and everyone but me made purchases. Sadly, as I'm paying for two apartments this month, I simply stole an envious glance at a jar of truffle salt before going outside.

Back at HQ (the drop), we sat outside and spent a lazy early evening chatting and laughing with Phil Rose and his charming carrot-topped daughter, before splitting up and going our separate ways. I made a somewhat productive stop at the old apartment and am now sitting at home trying to figure out where to hang my CD rack and nursing a livid sunburn.

What a great summer day in Bellingham! If only I'd had the funds, I'd have topped it all off with an icy drink.


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